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Gal Drimmer   &   Scott Schaefer

Sonoran Gypsies


Many sounds permeate Southwest style music, but two are unmistakable: Spanish/Classical Guitar and Native American style flute. Sonoran Gypsies’ style transcends the typical Southwest sound by being the first pure Southwest style  duo, elegantly combining guitar and Native American flute.  Sonoran Gypsies captures your imagination and lifts your spirits with a beautiful, energetic, passionate style that is nothing short of exciting, exhilarating,

and emotionally enthralling.

Thanks! Samples to follow soon.

Gal Drimmer
Guitar Virtuoso
A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston MA, Gal has been a full time musician performing extensively with local bands and duos and in the last 8 years has performed as a solo guitar instrumentalist.  Gal has also performed and recorded with many local singer/songwriters.  Gal's abilities and acrobatics on the guitar neck are truly amazing and very pleasing to the ears and eyes, with a style that is happy, uplifting, ambient.

Scott Schaefer
Native American Style Flute, Didgeridoo and Handpan
One of the most versatile Native American Style Flute (NAF) players in world music today, Scott goes way beyond the paradigm of the usual tribal sound associated with NAF. His ability to improvise so naturally and effortlessly to any genre and in particular Latin style music, brings an excitement to the NAF that is rarely experienced.

Sonoran Gypsies at the Grand Opening of the Desert Diamond Casino

We were competing with the slot machine sounds and loud music blasting on the house sound system.

This video is more for the visual as opposed to the audio benefits as it is difficult to hear us.

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