Beyond Paradigm -2005

Seven songs, each being performed in the key that resonates with each of the seven chakras beginning with the crown chakra and going to the root chakra. Great for meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga or just relaxing.

Ebb & Flow 2008

This is a World Music / New Age style collaborative effort was co-created by Scott and Japanese Classical Pianist Marina Miyoshi. Still a fan favorite, this music is power, beautiful and emotionally connecting. 

Sacred Waters 2009

Created originally as music for a yoga DVD, Scott and Japanese Classical Pianist Marina Miyoshi produce a beautiful, flowing, non-stop multi-dimensional full hour long CD that can be used for massage, Tai Chi, Yoga and its gentle flow is perfect for helping you sleep.

Under One Sky 2010

Once again Scott and Japanese Classical Pianist Marina Miyoshi create an amazingly beautiful work of art in this World Music / New Age style music. 

Heart Monster 2012

Scott takes on a back-up role to Scott Simon guitar virtuoso, singer/songwriter and forms a duo called Celestial Misfits. Together they create a CD with a combination of instrumentation never done before in classic rock style music. This CD consisting of 17 songs has 14 originals and 3 covers that are done in their own unique way. 

Bridging The Gap 2017

This is a musical interpretation of the painting on the cover of the CD also painted by Scott. Adding piano, violin, guitar and percussion, Scott takes his music to a whole new level by collaborating with the amazing musicians on this CD. This World Music style is perfect for dinner parties and just chilling out.

Kunaki Nucleus Cover.jpg

Nucleus 2018

Because people have been requesting it, Scott compiled a re-mastered CD of fan favorites from some of his previously recorded works. Each song was carefully selected as some of the best songs Scott has written and performed.