Didgeridoo Workshop

Through the many connections Scott made in his flute journey, he was introduced to the Didgeridoo. As he became more proficient at playing the didg, he began incorporating it into his music. Scott also taught himself to build Didgeridoos from the stock that grows up through the center of Agave or Century plants, which are native to the southern and western United States.


Although many consider Scott a very good “Didg” player, he will tell you that there are many much better “Didg” players, but not many players that are also skilled at making a Didgeridoo.


In March each year at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Scott teaches students to make Didgeridoos. In 2015, his class of 14 students and 4 volunteer assistants, helped Scott build what is considered by Guiness Book of Records as the world’s largest playable Didgeridoo. It is a whopping 18' 8 " long, and is housed at the Arboretum as a special-interest display. 


Giant 1.JPG