In January of 2014 Scott was inspired to paint. He will tell you that he has no idea where that inspiration came from any more then where the inspiration to play the flute came from. All he can tell you is that it was a feeling, perhaps a growing need to express himself with a creative outlet. He started with water colors and then after a year of painting, he decided to try his hand at acrylics. Just as he taught himself to play the flute, he taught himself to paint. These paintings are a few examples of his work. While he paints for himself and for the shear joy of it. He will entertain painting for someone if he is asked. In this page Scott simply wishes to share with you in hopes that it puts a smile on your face  or in some small way it inspires you to reach deep down and find your joy. 

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Conventional Art

Abstract Art

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Frames by Jody Melashenko

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