"Bridging the Gap,"

A concept CD in which Scott carefully selected amazing world class musicians to help compose

and perform instrumental music that emotionally interprets his original painting by the same name.

How the

Painting and Music

fit together 

" Bridging The Gap " is Scott's interpretation of the many lifetimes and journey's we take    to achieve the spiritual enlightenment known as Nirvana. Buddhist's believe that humans are reincarnated again and again to remember and learn from their past lives and carry with us those teachings from one life to the next until we have learned all there is to learn. It is believed that once we have achieved this we are reincarnated into a spiritual God like state called Nirvana.

"One who is willing to attain Nirvana, has to understand Four Noble Truths. These Noble Truths

are the key to attain Nirvana, without proper understanding of Suffering, Cause of Suffering,

Relief of Suffering and the way to end Suffering,

These are the four Noble Truths."

As you read the description below of 

" Bridging the Gap " the 9 songs on the

CD are in the order of the paintings journey. 

The part of the painting that is being interpreted in song is identified by a yellow circle.

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1 "The Jāti"

Sanskrit word for Birth

The Agave on the Cliff


Represents the arising of a

new living entity. A new living, breathing, water-based organic organism in the beginning of one of your

journeys to achieve Nirvana.

Jati - Scott Schaefer
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2 "Moksha"

Sanskrit word for

Liberation and Release

The Water Falls

Represents your release to the the mortal world, your first awareness, your new discoveries.

Moksha - Scott Schaefer
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3 "Ogha"

Sanskrit word for

Flowing Water

The River

Water is fluid, soft and yielding but water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. The paradox: What is soft is strong. 

Ogha - Scott Schaefer
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4 "Santora"

Jeffrey's Theme/Crossing Over

Sanskrit word for 

Crossing Over or Through

The Rope Bridge

This is about connecting and going within and being mindful of all that is

in the universe and allowing what we experience to serve the greater good.

Santora - Scott Schaefer
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5 "Kuha"

Sanskrit word for Mist

The Mist

This represents the mysteries in life that we face throughout our journey, all the things we cannot predict that will affect our life's journey.

Kuha - Scott Schaefer
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​6 "Bohdi"

Buddha meditated

under the Bohdi tree

Tree of Life

Bodhi in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to "awakening." The verbal root "budh" means  to awaken.

Bohdi - Scott Schaefer
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7 "Prajna"

Sanskrit word Wisdom

Tree of Wisdom

This represents "insight," or "intuitive apprehension." It is about our ability to learn from our experiences and allow those experiences to work for the greater good.

Prajna - Scott Schaefer
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8 "Satori"

In Zen Buddhism Satori

refers to Enlightenment

The Bird

The bird represents the end of your mortal lifetimes and the beginning of your new spiritual being. This is the place of total bliss as you have reached a God like state.

Satori - Scott Schaefer
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9 "Nirvana" 

The Sun Light


The term "Nirvana" is most commonly associated with Buddhism, and represents the ultimate state of soteriological release and liberation from rebirths. This is the spiritual realm of existence where you are interconnected with all that is and have achieved total enlightenment and complete release of ego.

Nirvana - Scott Schaefer
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Music produced by JMR Recording Studios in Surprise, AZ

Owner: Jesse Ramirez Producers: Ruben Moreno and Joseph Caronia