Sonoran Gypsies


Many sounds permeate Southwest style music,

but three are unmistakable: Spanish/Classical guitar, Native American style flute, and Latin percussion. 


Sonoran Gypsies’ style transcends the typical Southwest sound by being the first pure

Southwest style ensemble, elegantly combining

guitar, Native American flute, and Latin percussion. 


This band brings you a beautiful, energetic,

passionate style that is nothing short of exciting,

exhilarating and emotionally enthralling. 

Scott Schaefer

Richard Kullmann

Good artists invest lots of pain staking

care and time in developing their artistic presentation, therefore we are taking our time to create an amazing sound we are

sure you'll enjoy.


We will present some of that new sound for the first time on Saturday November 10th.

(see schedule below)


We look forward to sharing our all of our music with you in the future and will gladly do so once we are content that you will be blown away by what we have to offer.

Native American Style Flute and Didgeridoo player, Scott is one of the most versatile Native American Style Flute (NAF) players you will ever hear.  Going way beyond the paradigm from the usual tribal sound associated with NAF, his ability to improvise so naturally and effortlessly to any genre and in particular Latin style music, makes him one of the most exciting NAF players you will ever experience.
A self-taught guitar virtuoso playing since he was 8 years old, Richard has toured the world performing soul stirring compositions that are gentle, powerful and thought provoking to say the least. His sound ironically influenced by heavy metal and rock bands has morphed into a world and Latin Music style that is exciting, unique and unparalleled amongst Latin guitarists.  

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