Scott Schaefer


With his Indigenous wood flutes and didgeridoo, World Music instrumentalist Scott Schaefer takes you on an enchanting multidimensional musical journey that transcends traditional World and New Age music. His hypnotic soul stirring compositions will capture your imagination and lift your spirits.


Scott discovers Indigenous Flutes and Didgeridoo and begins teaching himself to play. He takes to the flutes like a fish in the ocean. What Scott lacks in formal training as a musician he makes up for in innovative, intuitive talent.  With an array of Indigenous Flutes and Australian Didgeridoos, he  radiates in a direction with his flutes that completely separates him from traditional tribal and new age styles frequently played by other Native American style flute players. 

Known for his ability to improvise with musicians of all kinds, within any genre, Scott transcends the normal paradigm associated with the Native American style

flute and takes the instrument across virtually all

musical boundaries.


Scott meets Marina Miyoshi, a classically trained, award winning pianist and song writer who was vacationing in Arizona on her first trip to the USA. . Scott and Marina produced three albums together, during her visits to the United States.  The first “Ebb & Flow,” produced in 2008,

was completely improvised in one day in the studio.

“Sacred Waters” and “Under One Sky” followed. 


Scott produced and directed an all-day fundraising music festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix, AZ. He brought together a wide range of local professional musicians, who volunteered their time and talents to help raise money for this non-profit garden.  

Scott also designed the flyer you see for the event. 


Eric Zang and Mark Holdaway joined with Scott to form SchaZangAway. They recorded "Harmonic Journey". 


Scott meets Scott Simon on 11/11/2011 as headliners at "The 1111 Gathering" in Sedona. Together they form “Celestial Misfits”  and a CD called "Heart Monster" is created. Scott learned to take his flutes and didgeridoo to an all-new level as he discovered how to bring the Indigenous flutes to contemporary main stream music. But most important, he learned from Simon how to be just as important as a background musician in a bad.


On a whim Scott decides to teach himself to paint.

Thus a new creative outlet begins. His painting skills grow and he discovers as much creative passion for painting as he does for playing a flute or didgeridoo. 


Scott's experience and skill level was noticed by the movie industry and he was asked to contribute to the musical sound track of the docudrama called  “Ride the Thunder.”  The importance of his musical contribution is documented in a letter from the film’s director.



Scott's musical direction changed dramatically when he

met Mark Bensette Aux Bois, guitar, harp song writer. They form Nouveau Papillon, created a CD called "Metamorphosis". The logo concept for Nouveau Papillon was an idea Scott created. The graphics design for the logo was done by Jamie Simpson. 


Jesse Ramirez colaborates with Scott to help Scott create a visonary CD that combines Scott's art and music. Click here for more info about a CD that has already been noted as the best work Scott has been involved in: See the Sound

Resume of Some Past Performance Venues



Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Mesa Center for the Arts

Westin Kierland Resort Hotel

Sheridan Desert Oasis Hotel

Tempe Festival of the Arts

Litchfield Park Arts and Crafts Festival

Cave Creek Arts and Crafts Festival

White Tank Mountain Arts and Crafts

Tucson Folk Festival

Flagstaff Folk Festival

Butterfly Wonderland

Hard Rock Cafe

Studio Live - Sedona, AZ

Tlaquepaque - Sedona, AZ

Maricopa County Libraries

Scottsdale Libraries

Kick Ash Bash Music Festival - Greer, AZ
Tasting Room - Vistancia 

Pier 54 - Tempe, AZ

Scott's Offering


There are "musicians" and there are "entertainers". Scott is both !


Scott is a highly captivating entertainer who connects extremely well with his audience. His diverse capabilities with his flute allow him to fit in wherever and whenever needed musically. His improvisational skills make him the ideal studio musician for anyone, in any genre, on any occasion. His ability to immediately find the song within the song makes it very easy for him to enhance someone else’s music or performance “in the moment,” with little or no rehearsal needed. 


His gift of finding the musical emotions in any occasion, and presenting them in captivating solo or group interpretations, makes Scott’s live music an excellent choice for parties, weddings, memorials, funerals, concerts, theatrical performances and sound tracks, fundraisers, and dining and pub entertainment.


For bookings or questions, contact Scott directly at

602-570-9396 or